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ROBOTECH: The Masters Saga RPG Sourcebook Paperback

ROBOTECH: The Masters Saga RPG Sourcebook Paperback

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The Masters™ Saga sourcebook captures the era of the 2nd Robotech War and brings to life the iconic mecha of the Ajax, Hover Tank, Logan and Bioroids. Packed with never-before-revealed designs and seldom-seen art and data of ASC Battloids, power armor, vehicles and weapons. 224 pages loaded with new information covering Earth's Army of the Southern Cross™ and the invading Robotech Masters. This sourcebook will send fans clamoring to buy it and begging for more.

• Hover Tanks, Ajax, Logan and other ASC Battloids.
• Never-before-seen power armor, weapons and equipment.
• New background information of Earth's feudal society and its defenders, The Army of the Southern Cross.
• The Robotech Masters, Bioroids, spaceships and weapons.
• Detailed illustrations, stats and information.
• Printed in manga size for easy portability (5x7½ inches).
• Written by Jason Marker with Kevin Siembieda.
• Cover by veteran artist Apollo Okamura.
• 224 pages packed with interior Art by the Mannings, Majestic, Maradin and Okamura.

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